Are you choosing purpose
Here, now?
Are you choosing addictions
Past beliefs?

Heart acts
Feel energized
Vibrating Life

All body
All Life

Shuns Life
Cannot handle it

Wants to forget

You and me

Here, now
We share
Proud of you


Guy Giard      September 26th, 2016


I am one

I am one


Born of parents
Born of parents
Born of parents
Eons of generations
Eons upon eons upon eons

And yet never

Amazing universe
Made me
Made you

In your eyes
Feel vertigo
Of your depth


Guy Giard   september 25th, 2016

Life’s purpose


Life’s purpose

I looked into the mirror
I didn’t like what reflected
It was me
In another body
In another mind

Living other people’s choices
I also had other people’s bodies
I had their addictions
I was a smoker in my youth
Social pressures
Until I chose for myself
And quit

Today I look at my body
I see my mother and father
I do not want their life’s choices
I desire my own

Today I choose
To live my purpose
It inspires me
Guides me

Life is an amazing gift
I am alive
You are alive
What a gift

I accept my beliefs
I believe in respect, acceptance
Support, forgiveness, love
Laughter, humor, exploration
Openness, sharing, helping
Appreciation, creation, possibilities
Imagination, tastes, beauty
Contemplation of nature

I believe as a species
We are one
We are meant
To live together

I do not believe
In political and social systems
Religions and organized beliefs
Sexual identities and roles
One mindedness and violence

I believe in unique and different
Accepting, embracing, celebrating
Developing, exploring and sharing
Our gifts

In such a beautiful world
How would I need addictions?
Compensating social pressures?
Sugar, sex, alcohol, drugs
Entertainment, internet
Hiding my feelings
With temporary stimulants

In the mirror
Is the old body

Today I embrace
My beliefs
And I embrace
My body


Guy Giard  
September 20th, 2016

Life is choices

Life is choices


NOW is only the manifestation of your past choices
Your present choices create your present and your future
Therefore your past choices are totally irrelevant
They are only anecdotal in shedding light on your present situation

Your present situation is only the result of your past choices
You are not defined by your past choices or present situation
You have your own unique mission and purpose
These empower you to make choices in the present

Choosing forgiveness and letting go empowers you in the NOW
They do not approve, condone or excuse choices from the past
They are clearing the grounds
Enabling new choices

Addictions are choices of stimuli recreating your past
In essence you are a victim repeating your past choices
Your purpose determines the choices you make NOW
Having no purpose you turn to addiction

Addictions are only found in the past
They manifest themselves in the present as habits

It is not the experiences of your past that defines you
It is the choices that you make in the NOW
Each instant you are free to choose
Addiction to your past or Purpose in the present

Your past is only a story
Made up of the choices you’ve made
It has no reality whatsoever
You are free to write a new story

Guy Giard September 19th, 2016

7 steps to loving your life

7 steps to loving your life

IMG_1851 blog  1

We are all together on a life long journey

and I can help you along the way.

Do you feel you are destined to a greater life, but cannot seem to ever reach it? Have you tried to improve your health, job or even your peace of mind and just couldn’t stick to ‘the plan‘? Well, I’ve been there, just like you, and today I enjoy the life I could have only dreamed of.
Today I am a writer and professional speaker. I am a recognized visual artist with many solo exhibitions and awards to my name. I have taught for more than 20 years in museums and now travel the world as a Humanitarian Clown. I lead a wonderful rich life, giving workshops and helping people make life changes.  But it wasn’t always so! Like many of you, I had my shares of struggles!
Early in my life my parents divorced and I grew up alienated in what was left of a very dysfunctional family. I had no sense of security or self; any care for my body was a chore to be avoided, to the point that one day I ended up at the dentist with over 30 cavities! I needed urgent chirurgical interventions to save my mouth. Constantly bullied at school, I took up smoking to be part of the in crowd. This helped me deal with my social anxieties, along with my panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. I could hardly form any bond with anyone, my sole purpose in life was to be unnoticed, invisible and silent.
As you can imagine my emotional life was quite painful. I was so ashamed, full of guilt towards any desires that my relationships always ended up in tears after just a few weeks. I did eventually manage to get married but within a year this ended up in a disastrous divorce. I came this close to being homeless and living in the streets. Penniless, I ended up living on welfare with my father. I was unemployed, overweight and a smoker on my way to diabetes and cancer.
My life had hit rock bottom. My self esteem was nonexistent; there was no way I could love my life. And yet at the same time I was able to be an upcoming artist! This didn’t make any sense! How could I be a successful artist while the rest of my life was such a disaster?
I then started to ask myself: Could I create a better life for myself ? Could I transfer the skills and the road maps of my artistic successes unto the rest of my life? I did and it worked! Today I have a beautiful wife and I’m the proud father of a young talented daughter.  I am a homeowner, with no mortgage or any debts. I have had many solo exhibitions of my artworks along with television and radio interviews. Healthy, I take no medication as I’ve stopped smoking and have lost close to a fourth of my bodyweight! As a professional speaker I inspire individuals and as a Humanitarian Clown I’ve helped hundreds of children ease their suffering and created hope for a better world. This was the first step in my new life journey, and this is what I want to share with you today!

Over the next weeks I will offer you inspiration and practical tools to face and win over the many life challenges that crosses your path!

7 steps to loving your life

1- Acknowledge that it is not right

2- Accentuate the positive

3- Learn your story

4- Discover your passions

5- Find your tribe

6- Let go

7- Reboot and launch

In the upcoming posts I will begin to introduce you to the road maps to success! I offer you these with love, and hope to meet you in person one day to guide you on the road of outstanding happiness and help you achieve your goals!

‘If my ship sails from sight, it doesn’t mean my journey ends,

it simply means the river bends.

Enoch Powell

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Have an amazing day!

guy cercle

Guy Giard